Public / Private Partnerships

Partnerships in theory are smart and efficient.  In practice, they often don't operate at capacity.  Developing public / private partnerships is what I do - making them memorable for the stakeholders involved is what I love. Some of my past partners in education include: 

Gracie Mansion

Apollo Theatre

The Culinary Institute of America

Partnership for After School Education

The Boys & Girls Club

The New York Times

New  York City Department of Education - Region 10 (Central Harlem)

Central Park Conservancy

Schomburg Center for Black Culture

Fox 5 New York


Children's Aid Society

Research, Policy & Practice


Staying abreast  of the latest research and policies that affect schools, students, families and communities is essential for improving practice. Making research findings user friendly for the communities I serve is equally important to me as operationalizing policies into programs and practice. Below is a list of recent projects i've been involved in, as well as a link to my Praxis Blog.



Transformational Leadership: The Key to Nation Building and Global Competence Development  (NYC, London, Jamaica - UWI)


Youth Media Engagment Working Group - (Teachers College, Columbia U.)


Developing and Sustaining School / Community Partnerships: Lessons from the Field (Teachers College, Columbia U.)


Senior Fellow Global Education Policy Fellowship Program (GEPFP) Institute for Educational Leadership 2012-2013



Schools, Families & Communities

Research has shown that school, family, and community collaborations support positive student outcomes. When schools are connected to families and community organizations, resources are shared, and teacher morale and accountability is increased. Whether they work together, or individually one thing is certain, schools, families, and communities all are working to enhance the lives of their number one stakeholder - its children.  Below is a list of some of my SFC projects:


Kids Cook Too

Harlem After 3 - TASC

Beyond the Bricks - Harlem 

Harlem Weekend Arts Institute

Harlem Aids Blanket

African-American Male Initative -Children's Aid Society

Gordon Supplementary Education Fellowship Initiative  - Americorp




Higher Ed Administration

Higher Ed Administration means more than registering students and drafting syllabus.  It also includes grant writing/management, research project coordination, hosting international conferences, developing internship opportunities and connecting faculty and students to community resources.   Below is a list of notable higher eduation projects I've overseen.


Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in Education


Global City Leaders Conference - 2014


Beyond Bullying Summit - 2013


Heart of Stone Film Screening and Panel Discussion


Harlem Aids Blanket - Macy Gallery Art Exhibit




"Veronica is a model of compassion and perseverance with her work in developing quality community programs.  She has been a great mentor to me by listening and sharing words of wisdom and encouragement."


- Angela Scardina, Teachers College Graduate 2005