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VERONICA HOLLY is the Assistant Director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME), Teachers College, Columbia University.   There she is responsible for community and program development, and project administration.   She received her B.A. in Political Science from Syracuse University and her M.A. in Education Policy from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research interests include school/community partnerships, positive youth development, parent involvement, and school governance.   Ms. Holly's professional background bridges New York City's politics, community and education. She was an Assistant to Governor Mario Cuomo's Advisory Committee for Black Affairs; and served as a Program Analyst for the New York State Division for Youth. Prior to joining IUME, Ms. Holly served as Research Coordinator for the National Center for Children and Families, at Teachers College, where she coordinated its national child and family policy summer fellowship program for graduate students, entitled "Putting Children First." She has directed and developed academic enrichment and out-of-school-time programs for youth; provided technical assistance and evaluation to community-based organizations; served as manager for a successful District Leader political campaign; and serves as a consultant and proposal writer for education initiatives. She has organized numerous community and charitable events and chaired the New Democratic Club's Education Committee in Harlem.   Ms. Holly has presented at numerous conferences and events, most notably, Keynote Address for the Robert Bowne Foundation Fellows Annual Luncheon, of which she was a Fellow, and the CEJJESS Institute’s Annual Graduates Awards Ceremony in 2008, and its encore address in 2009. She’s currently on leave from Upper Manhattan Rotary, International. Ms. Holly is an avid tennis player, and a homeowner in Harlem.

"Veronica has been a thought partner, facilitator and a role model.  Her mission to educate, uplift and empower young people can be evidenced in the way she accesses and shares resources, supports incubator projects and open doors to networks not always visible to educators and grass roots organizations.  As the 2014 Graduate Speaker for Collegiate Institute for Math & Science in the Bronx, she was an inspiration and a reminder that all is possible, if you just get up and go get it."

-Shadia Alvarez, Principal, Collegiate Institute for Math & Science 2014